About Me

Patrick is a playwright, author, and theatre critic.

Born in the wilds of the San Fernando Valley, CA during the tumultuous mid-1950s, Patrick grew up in a cultural mix of the Junior Classics, the original Man from U.N.C.L.E., and superhero comic books. At an early age, he became fascinated with the Catholic Church and its saints.

Patrick earned a BA in Theatre from CSU Long Beach, and an MA from the University of Denver, with emphases in theatre history, dramatic theory and criticism, children’s theatre, and playwriting. He taught theatre at Colorado Christian University, wrote and directed plays for Colorado ACTS youth theatre school, served as theatre critic for the Boulder Daily Camera.

He is an Anglican priest.

He has written more than 45 published plays for children, teens, and adults, and has just recently “gone pro” with writing fiction. His niche is western fantasy, western horror, and weird western. He also has three published children’s books.

Patrick continues to write play reviews and post promotions for Denver-area theatre productions because he loves getting free tickets to stuff. You can read his play reviews and book reviews at www.PatrickDornReviewer.blogspot.com.

When he’s not writing, Patrick serves as a chaplain for InnovAge, offering spiritual and pastoral care to frail seniors from Loveland to Pueblo, leading chapel services in day centers and visiting the ill and infirm.

He enjoys sharing his “empty nest” with his wife Abby, and taking long walks with his black lab/Great Dane mix rescue dog Frankie.