About Me

I am a playwright, author, and theatre critic.

My theatre creds include a BA in Theatre from CSU Long Beach, and an MA from the University of Denver, with emphases in theatre history, dramatic theory and criticism, children’s theatre, and playwriting. I taught theatre at Colorado Christian University, wrote and directed plays for Colorado ACTS youth theatre school, and served as theatre critic for the Boulder Daily Camera. I’m still reviewing shows occasionally, because hey…free tickets!

I’m an Anglican priest and a full-time chaplain.

You’d think with 70 published plays for children, teens, and adults, I’d be rolling in royalty income. That’s not how it works when you write for the amateur market. But there’s a lot of satisfaction in knowing kids are having fun with the shows I wrote.

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot of short Christian plays for churches, schools and groups who want easy-to-stage religious, biblical or values-based sketches.

As if that’s not enough, I enjoy writing Weird Westerns, including western fantasy, western supernatural adventure, and western horror, all with a Catholic twist.

Oh, yeah. And I have three published children’s books.

I enjoy sharing my “empty nest” with my wife Abby, and taking long walks with my black lab/Great Dane mix rescue dog Frankie.