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Babushka’s Basket

Babushka's Basket CoverExhausted by “holiday season” commercialism? Looking for a more heartfelt and rewarding alternative to staging yet another Christmas pageant?

BABUSHKA’S BASKET is an uplifting one-act drama inspired by the cherished Russian folk tale about a peasant woman whose grief-inspired compulsiveness prevents her from joining the Wise Men on their journey to meet the Christ Child.

Devastated by the death of her infant son and abandoned by her husband, Nadia receives a miraculous basket filled with presents she was never able to give her own child. But when she offers them to other children, the gifts provide much-needed help and healing. As she “gives away” her grief and learns to enjoy a meaningful life in the service of others, Nadia becomes everyone’s “babushka,” or “grandmother”…until she is challenged to offer one last gift from the basket, the only thing preventing her from continuing on to meet the King of kings…forgiveness.

This emotionally honest and ultimately heart-healing play offers a challenging yet rewarding role for a middle-aged actress, with an inter-generational supporting cast. The simple set and minimal production requirements make BABUSHKA’S BASKET ideal for performance on a budget, in a variety of settings.

With a hint of humor and large helpings of hope, audiences will be moved and inspired by BABUSHKA’S BASKET, a beloved yet non-traditional Christmas redemption story.

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Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

The Beggar and the Wolf

— The townsfolk of Gubbio become howling mad when a lone wolf stalks their medieval village.

Based on the popular 13th-century legend of St. Francis and the wolf of Gubbio, this easy-to-stage, single-set, 45-minute comedy with a flexible cast of sixteen, is loaded with outrageous puns, slapstick humor, and quirky characters.

The goofy residents are too afraid to move about the town to conduct their daily business, which means they are growing increasingly poor, hungry, and stinky. Unable to make grain, Grindella the miller is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and without flour, Pandarolla the baker can only loaf around. The wolf has put the bite on Fermin, brave son of the ratcatcher Rhodentia’s efforts to win the hand of fair Fabrica, daughter of the miserly cloth merchant Brocadero.

When all else fails, Mayor Gasbaggio fetches Francesco, a renowned holy beggar from the neighboring village of Assisi, who is reputed to have a wondrous way with animals. Like the gurgling fountain that lies at the heart of Gubbio, hope springs eternal, as Francesco sagely negotiates a mutually beneficial bargain between the villagers and the wolf.

Audiences will sit, stay, and roll over with laughter as they witness the hilarious and heart-warming antics of The Beggar and the Wolf.

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Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

The Death and Life of Everyman

–Moldy Medieval Morality Play turns out to be contemporary, funny and relevant! Who’d have thought it?

This modern and comedic adaptation of the classic allegory concerns a man who learns he must meet his Maker, and then does! As his doom approaches, Everyman discovers that family, friends, and fortune cannot accompany him and that even strength, beauty, intellect, and emotion are no match for the Grim Reaper; yet faith, hope, and charity prevail.

This timeless tale is especially intended for groups ready to move beyond religious skits and homily dramas to do something more challenging, less preachy, and more theatrical. And did we mention funny? This boldly theatrical show takes on a serious subject in a playful environment.

With a flexible cast of 7-17 and minimal set requirements, this 80-minute show is ideal for those with a limited budget or who wish to tour.

Buy and stage this script! You’re eventually going to die anyway, but maybe this show will help you crack a smile along the way.

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Published by Eldridge Christian Plays and Musicals.

Fair Game

Learning about choosing priorities and life values has never been so much fun.

Three teenagers are lured into malevolent Professor Carny Barker’s Once-in-a-Lifetime Traveling Career Fair. There they are tempted with futures of glamor, riches, and power by warped and wicked counterfeit pretenders from the military, medical, legal, and business professions. The teens, with the oddball assistance of a janitor, weigh what they’re willing to trade off to achieve “success.”

This 45-minute modern morality play is loaded with slapstick comedy, wry satire, and a flexible ensemble cast of over-the-top comical characters.

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Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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Heaven Sent (Tobit)

— The Book of Tobit is the most free-wheeling, fun-loving, supernatural fantasy adventure and romantic comedy in the entire Apocrypha!

Playwright and Anglican priest Patrick Rainville Dorn has injected fresh new life into the sacred text with Heaven Sent, a faithful, farcical, and wildly theatrical stage adaptation.

As an answer to prayer, the angel Raphael helps a hopelessly naive lad fight a demon, marry a damsel in distress, and heal a father’s blindness. Found in many Bibles, Tobit is one of the greatest literary hits from the period between the Old and New Testaments. Surprisingly true to the original, Heaven Sent is filled with contemporary sensibilities, clever dialogue, sight gags, and slapstick humor.

Heaven Sent is an easy-to-stage full-length comedy that has a simple set, easy costumes, and delightful roles for four men and three women, plus an active comic ensemble. If your church or drama ministry is ready to step up to the next level, Heaven Sent will get you there, and provide an entertaining, edifying, theatrical experience for your audiences.

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O Holy Knight Cover

O Holy Knight

Celebrate next Christmas in a Castle!

In this mirthful, medieval, 60-minute Christmas comedy, a blizzard has confined a motley mix of commoners, merchants and courtiers together in the castle’s banquet hall. The ladies-in-waiting are becoming inpatient, Christendom’s oldest squire has the hiccups, and Jabber the Jester’s outrageous antics aren’t helping. To pass the time, and to cheer Lady Dolores, whose husband is being held for ransom in a foreign land, they agree to perform a Nativity pageant, using whatever props and costumes they have on hand.

With a simple set, extremely flexible (and potentially large) cast of colorful characters, loads of slapstick humor and clever dialogue, this genuinely touching inter-generational holiday play even has an inspiring Christmas miracle to warm everyone’s heart. The “pageant within the play” is uproariously inept, yet sincere. The show is easy-to-cast and stage, and is suitable for both church and community theatre production.

O HOLY KNIGHT is sure to become a holiday season favorite for your audiences, whether they be princes or peasants.

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Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!Pilgrim's Progress CoverPilgrim’s Progress

— John Bunyan’s rolling in his grave…with laughter!

In this hilarious, action-packed and contemporary adaptation of English literature’s first great allegorical fantasy, the thrilling adventure of Christian’s perilous journey to heaven is punctuated by uproarious characters and situations.

Favorite scenes from the original classic, though wacky and warped, keep the ages-old story fresh and funny. This ensemble comedy has non-stop laughs and dozens of delightful roles, both small and large. It’s perfect for a flexible, intergenerational cast of actors with varying levels of experience.

With easy costume accessories, simple hand props and no set requirements, the 90-minute comedy may be presented on a shoestring budget.

Whether or not your audiences know and love the monumental masterpiece of Christian literature, they will rejoice in this upbeat, silly-yet-sublime, faith-filled stage version, then run home to read the original Pilgrim’s Progress with fresh insight.

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Published by StagePlays and Amazon-Kindle.


Saints for the Seasons

(Four, 20-minute monologues for church or theatrical use)

Put the “holy” back in several popular but misunderstood “holidays.”

Four great Christians with famous names but less familiar legacies step out of history to share the inspiring, often funny, and historically accurate stories of their lives of heroic faith, sacrifice and service in the name of Jesus.

Nicholas of Myra (December 6) — Popularly referred to as Saint Nick, this early 4th century champion of biblical orthodoxy and prodigal generosity sets the record straight on how different he is from “the other guy”.

Valentine of Rome (February 14) — A defender of Christian marriage and sacrificial love, Valentine gladly faces martyrdom during the Roman persecution of the early church by Emperor Claudius “the Cruel” Gothicus.

Patrick of Ireland (March 17) — An immature teenager becomes a slave, escapes captivity, learns to love his enemies, and answers God’s call to return to the dreaded Emerald Isle. He dedicates his new life to preaching the Good News, engages in spiritual warfare, baptizes tens of thousands, and plants hundreds of churches.

Francis of Assisi (October 4) – Nature lover and friend to animals, Francis abandons wealth, comfort and worldly glory for a life of holy poverty, simplicity, brotherhood, and evangelism, inadvertently creating the religious order of Franciscans and inventing the Nativity play.

SAINTS FOR THE SEASONS will foster a deeper understanding of the Christian role models behind four oft-neglected or misunderstood holidays while entertaining and edifying the people of your church. For inspiration, humor, biblical truths, and encouragement in the faith, mark your calendars and celebrate these Saints for the Seasons.

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Published by Christian Publishers.


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The Scavenger Hunt

— When teen angels are involved, heaven CAN’T wait!

Teen angels Maisie and Tori are sent on an action-packed, time-traveling scavenger hunt by Big Momma Angel. It’s a side-splitting adventure of biblical proportions as they meet Abraham and Isaac, just in time for a hair-raising sacrifice. Watch them get caught between a rock and a hard place while David battles Goliath.

Two favorite Bible stories are given a new spin when seen through the eyes of these totally awesome teen angels.

Extremely simple production requirements make this an easy-to-stage, affordable, 30-minute comedy that is ideal for youth groups in touring or even classroom performance.

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Very Best Christmas Card Ever Cover

The Very Best Christmas Card Ever

2M, 2F, 1 either, plus optional ensemble
Simple Interior Set
About 20 Minutes (plus carols)

In this easy-to-stage, family-friendly Christmas play/carol sing-along/pageant, a family shops for a Christmas card to send to an overseas orphan they have sponsored. The manager shows them cards related to Santa, Dickens, Angels, Shepherds, Wise Men and finally commemorating the Birth of Jesus. The family decides to sacrifice their holiday plans and visit the child in person. This 20-minute (plus carols) comedy may also be used to support a church or community’s overseas orphan-sponsoring organization. Add a choir of Sunday School children or adults, or even an Ensemble to create adorable and hilarious “Living Christmas Card” tableaus. (Amazon-Kindle)



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