Plays & Musicals O-Z

Plays & Musicals O-Z

O Holy Knight

O Holy Knight CoverCelebrate Christmas in a Castle!

In this mirthful, medieval, 60-minute Christmas comedy, a blizzard has confined a motley mix of commoners, merchants and courtiers together in the castle’s banquet hall. The ladies-in-waiting are becoming inpatient, Christendom’s oldest squire has the hiccups, and Jabber the Jester’s outrageous antics aren’t helping. To pass the time, and to cheer Lady Dolores, whose husband is being held for ransom in a foreign land, they agree to perform a Nativity pageant, using whatever props and costumes they have on hand.

With a simple set, extremely flexible (and potentially large) cast of colorful characters, loads of slapstick humor and clever dialogue, this genuinely touching inter-generational holiday play even has an inspiring Christmas miracle to warm everyone’s heart. The “pageant within the play” is uproariously inept, yet sincere. The show is easy-to-cast and stage, and is suitable for both church and community theatre production.

O HOLY KNIGHT is sure to become a holiday season favorite for your audiences, whether they be princes or peasants.

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Once Upon a Leprechaun


Blather, Blarney and Balderdash

  Three hilarious and action-packed Irish folk and fairy tales collide in raucous laughter when a trio of wild and crazy leprechauns try to help tongue-tied shepherd Fin O’Grady learn to tell a story and win the hand of his one true love. Included are fast and funny storyteller theatre adaptations of “The Hunchback of Knockgrafton,” “The Griffin’s Feather,” and “The Bird, the Mouse and the Cricket.”

This uplifting, easy-to-produce ensemble comedy with a flexible cast combines clever dialogue with slapstick humor and features numerous ’showcase’ roles so that everyone, even the least experienced, has a chance to shine.

The full-length musical version features lovely Celtic melodies and dance numbers along with clever lyrics by Bill Francoeur.

Audiences will thank their “lucky charms” that they are treated to these delightful and comical tales from the Emerald Isle.

CLICK HERE to purchase your reading copy of Blather, Blarney, and Balderdash (non-musical version) or HERE to purchase a reading copy of Once Upon a Leprechaun (musical version) today. Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

Parable Plays

Coming soon from Christian Publishers. A series of ten-minute contemporary sketches based on Jesus’ parables. NOTE: More will be added on a regular basis, and made available from Amazon-Kindle as single scripts or sets. Purchase price includes permission to photocopy and unlimited performances, for purchasing organization only.

Called or Culled (The Sheep and the Goats) Matthew 25:31-46.  Emanuel King interviews two candidates for Skycastle Enterprises. One’s a good fit and the other…not.

Dragnet (The Casting of the Net Into the Sea) Matthew 13:47-50. Three crooks take the bait and find themselves caught up by their own greed.

Fined (The Two Debtors) Luke 7:40-43. A librarian shows mercy to two patrons, one who owes little, and the other much.

L3 (The Leaven) Matthew 13:33. A talk show host interviews the creator of an internet movement that went viral.

The Shepherdess (The Lost Sheep) Luke 15:3-7. A distraught shepherdess visits Papa’s Fix-It Shop while searching for a lost lamb.

Squatters (The Tenants) Mark 12:1-12. Two hotel employees abandon their jobs, move into a penthouse suite and refuse to leave.

The Verdict (The Unjust Judge/The Persistent Widow) Luke 18:1-8. Set in the Wild West, a cantankerous saloon-keeping judge buckles under the persistence of the Widow Mite quest for justice.



A Parable Play

In the Old West, a lovestruck schoolboy visits a mercantile store to purchase a gun in order to kill his rival and impress a pretty girl. The storekeep’s surprisingly eager endorsement of the plan causes the youth to reconsider the consequences of his actions.

This breezy seven-minute sketch contains deeper themes and a canny perspective on the consequences of violence.

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Phobia Factory

Phobia FactoryWhat’s better than screams of fright? Shrieks of laughter!

Phobia Factory is a non-stop comedy machine, churning out thrills, chills, giggles, and guffaws.

Four high school students visit a prototype “Phobia Factory” at the mall. Using cutting-edge virtual reality simulations, the teens face their subconscious fears in supposedly safe computer-generated environments..until a glitch makes the program go terrifyingly, hilariously haywire.

Phobia Factory has plum roles for an extremely flexible cast of 16-40 teen actors, and can be performed with a tight budget on an open stage, with simple props and costumes. This slap-happy, action-packed, 90-minute sci-fi/horror comedy is loaded with off-the-wall humor, bizarre sight gags, and memorable scary and comical cameo roles.

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The Pied Piper

—With Shubert Fendrich.

When the rats come home to roost, the vain Pied Piper must learn to play another tune!

Rats have infested the village of Hamelin, and the nincompoop Mayor is a perfect stooge for the ambitious Pied Piper’s self-serving schemes. When chaos ensues, the rascally Piper’s clever assistant manages to rid the town of rats, organize the Mayor’s schedule, and teach her flaky musician boss that responsibility often accompanies special gifts and talents.

The Pied Piper is crawling with brought-on-stage audience participation opportunities, or supply your own ensemble of kids to play the rats, children, and villagers of Hamelin.

With a cast of six and a simple set, this 45-minute comedy is simple to stage and easy to tour.

Your delighted “rugrats” will squeal with joy at the antics of The Pied Piper.

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Pilgrim’s Progress

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Pilgrim's Progress Cover

— John Bunyan’s rolling in his grave…with laughter!

In this hilarious, action-packed and contemporary adaptation of English literature’s first great allegorical fantasy, the thrilling adventure of Christian’s perilous journey to heaven is punctuated by uproarious characters and situations.

Favorite scenes from the original classic, though wacky and warped, keep the age-old story fresh and funny. This ensemble comedy has non-stop laughs and dozens of delightful roles, both small and large. It’s perfect for a flexible, intergenerational cast of actors with varying levels of experience. With easy costume accessories, simple hand props and no set requirements, the 90-minute comedy may be presented on a shoestring budget.

Whether or not your audiences know and love the monumental masterpiece of Christian literature, they will rejoice in this upbeat, silly-yet-sublime, faith-filled stage version, then run home to read the original Pilgrim’s Progress with fresh insight.

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The ‘Pinocchio’ Shows…

Pinocchio’s nose may have grown, but his story has become a FRANCHISE!

Everyone’s favorite knot-head gets an extreme makeover in this teen-friendly, hip and hilarious stage adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s classic “Pinocchio,” now available as a full-length musical, full-length stage play, or one-act musical.

When Carl decides to run away from home, he lands a job with the mysterious Professor Pinecone and his traveling magical marionette puppet show. Once he feels the magical jolt in Professor Pinecone’s handshake, Carl realizes his bid for freedom has all kinds of strings attached. The teenager becomes Pinocchio and improvises his way through a frantically funny, contemporary yet classic version of the beloved story about a puppet’s quest to become a real boy.

Along the way, Carl/Pinocchio meets a host of comical characters, including generous Geppetto, a cricket with an attitude, the devious Fox and Cat, brassy Tina Tuna, and the sassy Blues Fairy. Will they be able to prevent Pinocchio from making a donkey of himself? Well, no, but he does eventually learn that actions have consequences, and ultimately chooses to love unselfishly. Which, after all, is what makes a person human, isn’t it? There’s even a surprise twist at the end.

This easy-to-stage, fun-for-all, budget-friendly show—in all its permutations—features loads of slapstick comedy and clever wordplay. The musical versions feature a wide range of styles including hip-hop, gypsy swing, bluegrass and good ol’ rock ’n’ roll!

Whether you are interested in producing a full-length musical, full-length play, or a one-act musical, purchase a reading copy of one of these Pinocchio shows today!

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

No Strings Attached

Pinocchio Profile(full-length musical)

Music and Lyrics by Bill Francoeur
Flexible cast of 12-22, chorus
Simple Interior and Exterior Sets
About 90 minutes

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Without Strings Cover

Without Strings

(full-length play)

Flexible cast of 12-22, extras
Simple Interior and Exterior Sets
About 75 minutes

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Pinocchio Show CoverThe Pinocchio Show

(one-act musical)

Music and Lyrics by Bill Francoeur
Flexible cast of 12-17, chorus
Simple interior and exterior sets
About 60 minutes

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The Polar Bear Prince

Polar Bear Prince

Check out the Arctic Circle’s hottest comedy!

The most popular story ever to fly south from the far north, The Polar Bear Prince is often compared to Beauty and the Beast, with its intrepid heroine going to great lengths to end her furry boyfriend’s enchantment, assisted by a supporting cast of hilariously comical characters.

In this easy to stage, low-budget, high laugh-count comedy, a group of revelers spills out of their sleigh bus and into a snowdrift. Keeping their spirits high and lower extremities warm, the partygoers await rescue by acting out their favorite slap-happy, no-holds-barred, fractured fairy tale.

On a quest to recover and restore her Polar Bear Prince, the determined Christiana encounters a wild and crazy, flexibly-cast ensemble of characters, including not-quite-identical crone triplets, the Four Windbags, the tyrannical Troll Queen, Princess Carrot Toes, and her hopping-mad suitor Benny O’Hare.

The humor is fast and physical, the dialogue snappy and sly. This one-hour laugh-fest is ideal for touring or contests.

Teen actors will feel like stars among the Northern Lights when they present The Polar Bear Prince.

CLICK HERE to order a reading copy of THE POLAR BEAR PRINCE today! Published by Brooklyn Publishers.

Poultry in Motion

Poultry in Motion CoverBarnyard birds hatch high-hilarity, low-cholesterol, crackpot comedy!

Poultry in Motion is an easy to stage, ready to tour, sunny-side-up laugh-fest that is loaded with silly situations, honkingly funny characters, slapstick humor, sight gags, and outrageous puns.

The fractured fable scrambles the stories of Chicken Little, who believes the sky is falling, and the Little Red Hen, who tries to get her feather-brained friends to stop loafing around and bake some bread. Meanwhile, Foxy Loxy is lurking nearby Young MacDonald’s Free-Range Poultry Farm, hoping to snatch some hot wings, while a smorgasbord of chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys stick their necks out laying plans to see the queen.

Poultry in Motion is an “egg-ceptional” 35-minute, over-easy comedy that promises to feed performers and audiences of all ages flocks of fun to gobble up.

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The Princess and the Goblins


Goblins from Down Below plot to seize the kingdom Up Above, so it’s up to an intrepid princess and a resourceful miner to save the day.

Princess Irene is looking forward to celebrating her birthday, but the party is about to be crashed by the Goblin King and Queen, and their goofy goblin horde. Curdie, a young and clever miner, knows the goblins’ secret weaknesses—an aversion to puns, and terrifically tender toes.

With fifteen fun and flexible roles, a simple, single set with four locales, and easily managed costumes, this 30-minute comedic fantasy adventure can be produced on a low budget and with minimal rehearsals.

Freely adapted from George MacDonald’s 1870 children’s tale that inspired a young J.R.R. Tolkien, The Princess and the Goblins is an action-packed, laugh-filled show that overflows with whimsy and silliness.

Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van WinkleWhen Van Winkle lets the laughter rip, no one nods or dozes!

Washington Irving’s supernatural time-warping tale comes to vibrant life in this action-packed comedy that combines faithfulness to the original text with slapstick humor, hilarious dialogue, and oddball characters.

Young Rip Van Winkle escapes from an overly-critical wife, bowls with the ghostly Henry Hudson in the Catskill Mountains, then mysteriously awakens 20 years later to find life in his colonial village vastly changed.

With minimal set requirements and maximum involvement by an extremely flexible onstage ensemble, this 45-minute “storyteller theatre” comedy is perfect for touring and contests, or paired with another colonial-era comedy for a full evening’s entertainment.

Early American literature has never been so much fun!

CLICK HERE to purchase your reading copy of RIP VAN WINKLE today. Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

Robin Hood: Naught in Nottingham

— With Jacob Dorn

— With a quiver-full of gags, slapstick humor, and hilarious anachronisms, this is a Robin Hood like you’ve never seen him — or rather HER — before!

In this frantically funny, 45-minute version of the classic swashbuckling tale, vain and pompous Prince John squeezes the simple folk of Nottingham’s purses by raising taxes and ordering the Sheriff to set up a speed trap. Robin and her band of outlaws, including panini-craving Friar Tuck, big friendly giant Little John, girly-girl Maid Marian, wandering minstrel Allen-a-Dale and his cheerleading Bench Wenches, along with other merry folk, turn the tables on the benighted Sheriff, thwart crybaby Prince John’s nefarious plans, and take the braggart warrior Gal of Gisbourne down a few notches.

There’s horseless jousting and a show-stopping archery contest with moving targets at the world’s first Renaissance Fair, goofy disguises, silly chases, epic battles with pool noodles, and merriment galore. At last, with a guest cameo by King Richard, all things “naught in Nottingham” are set aright.

This fast, easy, and laugh-filled comedy can be produced on a bowstring budget, with minimal technical requirements. Audiences will cheer with delight when you hit the bullseye with Robin Hood: Naught in Nottingham.

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Saints for the Seasons

Saints(Four, 20-minute monologues for church or theatrical use)

Put the “holy” back in several popular but misunderstood “holidays.”

Four great Christians with famous names but less familiar legacies step out of history to share the inspiring, often funny, and historically accurate stories of their lives of heroic faith, sacrifice and service in the name of Jesus.

Nicholas of Myra (December 6) — Popularly referred to as Saint Nick, this early 4th century champion of biblical orthodoxy and prodigal generosity sets the record straight on how different he is from “the other guy”.

Valentine of Rome (February 14) — A defender of Christian marriage and sacrificial love, Valentine gladly faces martyrdom during the Roman persecution of the early church by Emperor Claudius “the Cruel” Gothicus.

Patrick of Ireland (March 17) — An immature teenager becomes a slave, escapes captivity, learns to love his enemies, and answers God’s call to return to the dreaded Emerald Isle. He dedicates his new life to preaching the Good News, engages in spiritual warfare, baptizes tens of thousands, and plants hundreds of churches.

Francis of Assisi (October 4) – Nature lover and friend to animals, Francis abandons wealth, comfort and worldly glory for a life of holy poverty, simplicity, brotherhood, and evangelism, inadvertently creating the religious order of Franciscans and inventing the Nativity play.

SAINTS FOR THE SEASONS will foster a deeper understanding of the Christian role models behind four oft-neglected or misunderstood holidays while entertaining and edify the people of your church. For inspiration, humor, biblical truths, and encouragement in the faith mark your calendars and celebrate these Saints for the Seasons.

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The Scavenger Hunt

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— When teen angels are involved, heaven CAN’T wait!

Teen angels Maisie and Tori are sent on an action-packed, time-traveling scavenger hunt by Big Momma Angel. It’s a side-splitting adventure of biblical proportions as they meet Abraham and Isaac, just in time for a hair-raising sacrifice. Watch them get caught between a rock and a hard place while David battles Goliath.

Two favorite Bible stories are given a new spin when seen through the eyes of these totally awesome teen angels.

Extremely simple production requirements make this an easy-to-stage, affordable, 30-minute comedy that is ideal for youth groups in touring or even classroom performance.

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Sir Nose, the Burger Rat

Sir Nose the Burger Rat CoverThis rhyming rodent has a nose for adventure!

An alley rat with the smarts of Sherlock and Cyrano’s schnoz finds the game’s afoot at the Kingdom of Mall’s Food Court. Sir Nose helps the bashful Taco Bill woo the lovely Wendy Freiberger by feeding him romantic rhymes from a nearby trashcan. But when the ace detective/poet’s “arch” enemy Professor McRonald, and his henchmen Corporal Saunders, Herr Wienerschnitzel, Dragon Panda, and Short John Silver kidnap the Burger Queen, the fat hits the fire! Sir Nose and his clumsy sidekick Pizza Mutt race to “take out” the criminals before the Dairy King is forced to fork over the recipe to his secret sauce as ransom.

Though low in nutritional value, the super-sized portions of slapstick humor, non-stop action and tongue-in-cheek puns make this play a recipe for hilarity. The simple set and flexible casting provide the ingredients for a deliciously fun, economical, and over-easy comedy that can be produced on short order.

CLICK HERE to purchase your reading copy of SIR NOSE, THE BURGER RAT today. Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

Spooky Slumber Party

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Spooky Slumber Party CoverSingle Living Room Set.
About 30 Minutes

Seven “tween” girls have a slumber party on a dark and stormy night. When the thunderstorm knocks out television reception, they entertain themselves by telling and acting out not-too-scary, often silly, spooky stories and urban legends, including “The Viper,” “The Greedy Girl,” “The Brave and the Grave,” “Gotcha Where I Want You,” “You’d Better Not Laugh” and more. Yes, there’s a pillow fight, and a lot of popcorn gets spilled during the ensuing action. A couch, blankets, pillows, flashlights, buckets of popcorn and a handful of household toys and props are all that are needed to keep a bunch of hyper, imaginative girls – and the audience – shrieking with laughter.

CLICK HERE to purchase your reading copy of SPOOKY SLUMBER PARTY today. Published on Amazon-Kindle.

Tales of Terror from Nightmare High School

Tales of Terror


Nightmare High School

A student’s worst nightmares… live on stage!

Six teenagers join forces one dark and stormy night, staking out the bare stage of their school auditorium to discover the identity of the mysterious Locker Stalker.  What begins as a half-hearted joke turns into a roller coaster evening of thrills, chills, and side-splitting laughter as each student’s nightmare comes to life onstage!

One confronts a living, growing blob of cafeteria-style mashed potatoes. Another is horrified to discover the real reason why everyone at school is ignoring her, and a third student’s worst fantasies about science lab and what teachers do on weekends is like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Audiences will be screaming — with laughter and suspense— when you produce this no-set, no problems comedy-thriller. Flexible cast of fourteen, plus ensemble/chorus. About 90 minutes.

Available as a full-length comedy, or check out the musical comedy version, with music and lyrics by Stephen Murray.

CLICK HERE to purchase your reading copy of Nightmare High School.


CLICK HERE to purchase your reading copy of Tales of Terror from Nightmare High School (musical version) right now! Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

The Three Bully Goats Griff

Three Bully Goats Griff Cover–With a tweak, a twist, and just a little shove, the classic tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff has become an action-packed, hilarious children’s play about bullying. At one time or another, EVERYONE in this nine-character comedy goes off the bridge.

Two toll trolls have a falling out after Billy, the smallest of the three goats decides to become a “bully goat.” Anyone who dares trip-trap over the bridge gets knocked off by little Billy and his unwitting accomplice and big brother, Fred. Even Willy, the sensible, medium-sized goat takes an unexpected leap.

Billy’s power-mad antics escalate to preposterous proportions as one silly and arguably deserving character after another takes the plunge. Finally, pasture planner Dee Veloper, political candidate Polly Titian, prima ballerina Ismelda Slipper and mail person Carrie Post join forces with the trolls and goats to teach Billy a lesson.

Children will delight in this light-hearted, 40-minute, single-set, easily-toured show. If your budget is tight, the “toll” for this play is refreshingly low.

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The Very Best Christmas Card Ever

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Very Best Christmas Card Ever Cover2M, 2F, 1 either, plus optional ensemble
Simple Interior Set
About 20 Minutes (plus carols)

In this easy-to-stage, family-friendly Christmas play/carol sing-along/pageant, a family shops for a Christmas card to send to an overseas orphan they have sponsored. The manager shows them cards related to Santa, Dickens, Angels, Shepherds, Wise Men and finally commemorating the Birth of Jesus. The family decides to sacrifice their holiday plans and visit the child in person. This 20-minute (plus carols) comedy may also be used to support a church or community’s overseas orphan-sponsoring organization. Add a choir of Sunday School children or adults, or even an Ensemble to create adorable and hilarious “Living Christmas Card” tableaus.

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Wacky Wizard of Oz

Wacky Wizard artVisit the WACKY world of Oz and you’ll NEVER want to go home!

After her tornado-tossed house smooshes a wicked witch, Kansas farm girl Dorothy steps out in her Ruby Crocs and onto a wild and crazy adventure that is stuffed silly with giggles and guffaws.

Encouraged by a bunch of goofy Munchkins, a brainy Scarecrow, tender-hearted Tin Man and lionhearted Cowardly Lion, Dorothy seeks out the not too terribly Terrible Wizard of Oz and confronts cackling crows, rock-star Ozzies, poppy peddling gangstas, screechy winged monkeys, zombified Winkies, and finally the epically aquaphobic Wicked Witch of the West.

With a large, flexible and active ensemble, there are moments for everyone to shine in this 60-minute, flat-out farce. This contemporary adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s classic adventure is filled with jokes, gags, puns, surprises and slapstick humor, and can be produced on a shoestring budget.

CLICK HERE to purchase your reading copy of Wacky Wizard of Oz today. Published by Brooklyn Publishers.

Well Bred


1M, 1F
Simple Back Yard Set
About 10 Minutes

A Pomeranian and a Golden Retriever go into a backyard to breed, and there’s more going on than just puppy love. Their convoluted courtship will become the stuff of comic legend, at least among pooches. Rated PG for “immature” language and themes. This silly yet poignant 10-minute comedy is ideal for forensic duo interpretation. A FREE READING COPY is available from the author.

Zombie Family Picnic

— A typical zombie couple goes to pieces when their disgruntled teenaged daughter decides to become a vegetarian!

Gorging itself on tongue-in-cheek puns, gross-out visuals, and keen insights into undead family dynamics, Zombie Family Picnic is a hilarious and tasteless cannibal comedy.

With a simple exterior set, ragged costumes, and a smorgasbord of disgusting props, this 15-minute sketch is easy to rehearse and perform.

Your audiences will shamble, shuffle, moan and groan at the gags. Purchasing this breezy cheesy show is a real no-brainer.

CLICK HERE to buy your Performance Pack today! Published by Heuer Publishing.