Weird Westerns

This is the page featuring my works of fiction, especially Weird Western, Western Horror, and Western Fantasy stories and novels, all with a Catholic twist.

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A Weird Tale of the California Missions

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A warrior monk with a mechanical hand hunts a shape-shifting, blood-sucking creature that has been slaughtering goats at San Antonio de Padua Mission.

This is part of the Weird Tales of the California Missions series, featuring the exploits of Teutonic Knight Otto Eisenschaf, “peculiar intercessor” for Father Junípero Serra, from 1778 to 1783.

This is a Weird Western short story with a Catholic twist. Approximately 8,200 words. Rated “PG” for action.

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Gold Faever

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Dandy Danny Sheehan is raking in a fortune, thanks to his Pot o’ Gold Saloon in the remote California Gold Rush town of Downieville. But when feisty Sister Bedelia steps through his batwing doors to take up a collection for an orphanage, it will take more than the Luck of the Irish to keep the wily leprechaun from losing his greatest treasure.
This is a light-hearted Weird Western short story with a Catholic twist. Approximately 5,200 words, or 30 pages. Rated “G”.
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The Night Nurse

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When the mysterious Night Nurse at a hospice for dying miners selects Sister Angela as her successor, the young nun must walk the fine line between faith and fear to discover the truth about the Night Nurse’s dreadful Gift.

This is a Western Horror short story with a Catholic twist. Approximately 7,500 words.


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Thin Skinned

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on April 27, 2016
Thin Skinned was delicious! A perfect journey of the macabre… I was left surprised and satisfied.

In the barren, unforgiving desert outside Las Cruces, New Mexico, a sadistic Irish immigrant exacts gruesome revenge on the English lord who wronged her family.

This is a Western Horror short story, approximately 2,250 words.


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The Ugliest Man in Albuquerque

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When the legendary Hairy Man abducts a teenage girl from her Quinceañera, a Dominican priest, a German muleskinner, and a lovesick young tailor mount a rescue mission. Their pursuit takes the unlikely heroes into the steep and treacherous Sandia Mountains above Albuquerque.

This is a Weird Western short story from The Inquisitor series, detailing the fantastic, supernatural, and strange exploits of a brawling Irish priest sworn to defend and protect the Faith and the faithful in New Mexico, 1824-1851.

Rated PG for action, mild innuendo, and obscured nudity. Approximately 8,100 words or 42 pages.

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