Sir Nose the Burger Rat

June 6, 2017

Sir Nose the Burger Rat CoverSir Nose, the Burger Rat

— This rhyming rodent has a nose for adventure!

An alley rat with the smarts of Sherlock and Cyrano’s schnoz finds the game’s afoot at the Kingdom of Mall’s Food Court. Sir Nose helps the bashful Taco Bill woo the lovely Wendy Freiberger by feeding him romantic rhymes from a nearby trashcan. But when the ace detective/poet’s “arch” enemy Professor McRonald, and his henchmen Corporal Saunders, Herr Wienerschnitzel, Dragon Panda, and Short John Silver kidnap the Burger Queen, the fat hits the fire! Sir Nose and his clumsy sidekick Pizza Mutt race to “take out” the criminals before the Dairy King is forced to fork over the recipe to his secret sauce as ransom.

Though low in nutritional value, the super-sized portions of slapstick humor, non-stop action and tongue-in-cheek puns make this play a recipe for hilarity. The simple set and flexible casting provide the ingredients for a deliciously fun, economical, and over-easy comedy that can be produced on short order.

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Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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