Nightmare High School (plus musical version)

June 6, 2017

Nightmare High School Cover

Nightmare High School


Tales of Terror from Nightmare High School

— A student’s worst nightmares… live on stage!

Six teenagers join forces one dark and stormy night, staking out the bare stage of their school auditorium to discover the identity of the mysterious Locker Stalker.  What begins as a half-hearted joke turns into a roller coaster evening of thrills, chills, and side-splitting laughter as each student’s nightmare comes to life onstage!

One confronts a living, growing blob of cafeteria-style mashed potatoes. Another is horrified to discover the real reason why everyone at school is ignoring her, and a third student’s worst fantasies about science lab and what teachers do on weekends is like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Audiences will be screaming — with laughter and suspense— when you produce this no-set, no problems comedy-thriller. Flexible cast of fourteen, plus ensemble/chorus. About 90 minutes.

Available as a full-length comedy, or check out the musical comedy version, with music and lyrics by Stephen Murray.

CLICK HERE to purchase your reading copy of Nightmare High School.


CLICK HERE to purchase your reading copy of Tales of Terror from Nightmare High School (musical version) right now!

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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