Phobia Factory

June 6, 2017

Phobia Factory

— What’s better than screams of fright? Shrieks of laughter!Phobia Factory

Phobia Factory is a non-stop comedy machine, churning out thrills, chills, giggles, and guffaws.

Four high school students visit a prototype “Phobia Factory” at the mall. Using cutting edge virtual reality simulations, the teens face their subconscious fears in supposedly safe computer generated environments..until a glitch makes the program go terrifyingly, hilariously haywire.

Phobia Factory has plum roles for an extremely flexible cast of 16-40 teen actors, and can be performed with a tight budget on an open stage, with simple props and costumes. This slap-happy, action-packed, 90-minute sci-fi/horror comedy is loaded with off-the-wall humor, bizarre sight gags, and memorable scary and comical cameo roles.

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Published by Brooklyn Publishers

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