The Blabbermouth, the Puff Monster, and the Wolf

May 15, 2017


— What is Ukraine’s brightest, funniest export?

(Hint: It’s NOT Chernobyl’s radioactive cloud.)

It’s the stories! The Blabbermouth, the Puff Monster and the Wolf is a fast-paced collection of hilarious Ukrainian folk tales, brought to life on a bare stage by a troupe of 6-24 traveling players.

In “The Blabbermouth,” a clever woodsman devises an ingenious ruse to keep a buried treasure secret, despite his gossipy wife.  The next story is about a goofy, cellar-dwelling “Puff Monster,” who bites off more than it can chew.  The trio is complete with the classic “Sirko and the Wolf,” in which canine cousins outwit a cranky, noodle-wielding Babushka and make their wildest dreams come true.

This 60-minute, action-packed comedy is extremely tour-friendly and can be staged almost anywhere, with minimal props and an expandable cast. Ideal for elementary, middle and high school students with varying degrees of experience and training, this show also encourages students and audiences alike to learn more about Ukrainian culture.

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Published by Pioneer Drama Service

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