Doc, Doc, Goose!

April 7, 2017


Doc Doc Goose CoverWhen Mother Goose gets her MD, funny bones everywhere crack up!

Freak accidents abound in Nurseryland. Mother Goose opens an “urgent care” clinic,  and a host of unlucky nursery rhyme characters line up to prove that laughter really is the best medicine. Among the patients is a cow with a sore calf from moon-jumping, a crooked man needing a chiropractic adjustment, a daredevil who burns his seat jumping over candles, and a blonde juvenile delinquent who breaks into bears’ houses.

Doctor Goose and Nurse Gosling also run a nutritional support group and fitness class for a man who eats no fat and his opposite wife, a tea-guzzling girl named Polly, and a Queen who craves tarts.  But will Dr. Zhivago from Fairy Tale Land close down the clinic?  There are three blind, tail-less mice who sure hope not! 

There are fun, flexible roles for six to fifteen elementary or middle school-age actors, with doubling possible. A simple interior doctor’s office set and bargain basement costumes make this an easy show to stage anywhere, from classroom to auditorium, on a bare bones budget. It can even make “house calls” to other schools or venues. Young actors will love comparing the original nursery rhyme characters to the contemporary versions, and have loads of fun being silly and showing off while learning the basics of performing slapstick humor, gags, jokes, and puns.

Your audiences—and the cast—will be in stitches when they get a dose of the cut-up, side-splitting 45-minute comedy “Doc…Doc…Goose!” CLICK HERE and purchase a reading copy today.

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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