Faery Free-For-All

June 6, 2017

Faery Free for All

— Scotland’s mythical, magical beings bewitch audiences, with frantic antics and fantastic folktales.

Friendly and fearsome fairy folk from the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland gather in a moonlit meadow for a raucous, rambunctious re-enactment of classic stories of the Summer (Seelie) and Winter (Unseelie) Courts. Pixies, brownies, and sprites tussle with a banshee, wraith, boggles and trows, while two teenage human captives plan their escape.

Costumes for this hour-long, twenty-two role ensemble comedy may be simple or elaborate, with minimal set and prop requirements. All resources are devoted to fast action, silly characters, and constant comedy, punctuated by references to Scottish food, folklore, geography, and culture. Suitable for both student and inter-generational casts.

No accents or kilts are required when you enter the frivolous fray of FAERY FREE FOR ALL!

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Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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