Pilgrim’s Progress

June 6, 2017

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Pilgrim’s Progress

Pilgrim's Progress Cover— John Bunyan’s rolling in his grave…with laughter!

In this hilarious, action-packed and contemporary adaptation of English literature’s first great allegorical fantasy, the thrilling adventure of Christian’s perilous journey to heaven is punctuated by uproarious characters and situations.

Favorite scenes from the original classic, though wacky and warped, keep the ages-old story fresh and funny. This ensemble comedy has non-stop laughs and dozens of delightful roles, both small and large. It’s perfect for a flexible, intergenerational cast of actors with varying levels of experience.

With easy costume accessories, simple hand props and no set requirements, the 90-minute comedy may be presented on a shoestring budget.

Whether or not your audiences know and love the monumental masterpiece of Christian literature, they will rejoice in this upbeat, silly-yet-sublime, faith-filled stage version, then run home to read the original Pilgrim’s Progress with fresh insight.

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