The Gingerbread Man Gets Schooled

June 6, 2017

The Gingerbread Man Gets Schooled

Print— The race for non-stop laughter begins at Baker Street School, home of the Spatula Flippers, when the irresistible Gingerbread Man hot foots it out of the kitchen and into the cafeteria. Pursued by a host of faculty, staff, nerds, and cheerleaders (each named after a delicious baked treat), the elusive, slick-sneakered spice cookie gives them the slip until the students combine brains and beauty to trip him up.

This silly and smart, fast-paced 30-minute comedy is filled with jokes, gags, slapstick humor, chases, and a riotous climax that will have audiences cheering with delight. Along the way, they’ll catch lessons in cooperation, accepting people with different interests, and even an easily digested helping of math and science vocabulary!

With a simple interior set, easy props and a baker’s dozen of well-balanced and totally fun roles, THE GINGERBREAD MAN GETS SCHOOL is ideal for elementary, middle and high school, touring and home school performances.

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Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals

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