Babushka’s Basket

June 6, 2017

Babushka’s Basket

Babushka's Basket Cover— Exhausted by “holiday season” commercialism? Looking for a more heartfelt and rewarding alternative to staging yet another Christmas pageant?

BABUSHKA’S BASKET is an uplifting one-act drama inspired by the cherished Russian folk tale about a peasant woman whose grief-inspired compulsiveness prevents her from joining the Wise Men on their journey to meet the Christ Child.

Devastated by the death of her infant son and abandoned by her husband, Nadia receives a miraculous basket filled with presents she was never able to give her own child. But when she offers them to other children, the gifts provide much-needed help and healing. As she “gives away” her grief and learns to enjoy a meaningful life in the service of others, Nadia becomes everyone’s “babushka,” or “grandmother”…until she is challenged to offer one last gift from the basket, the only thing preventing her from continuing on to meet the King of kings…forgiveness.

This emotionally honest and ultimately heart-healing play offers a challenging yet rewarding role for a middle-aged actress, with an inter-generational supporting cast. The simple set and minimal production requirements make BABUSHKA’S BASKET ideal for performance on a budget, in a variety of settings.

With a hint of humor and large helpings of hope, audiences will be moved and inspired by BABUSHKA’S BASKET, a beloved yet non-traditional Christmas redemption story.

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Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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