Poultry in Motion

June 6, 2017

Poultry in Motion

Poultry in Motion Cover— Barnyard birds hatch high-hilarity in low-cholesterol, crackpot comedy!

POULTRY IN MOTION is an easy-to-stage, ready to tour, sunny-side-up laugh-fest that is loaded with silly situations, honkingly funny characters, slapstick humor, sight gags, and outrageous puns.

The fractured fable scrambles the stories of Chicken Little, who believes the sky is falling, and the Little Red Hen, who tries to get her feather-brained friends to stop loafing around and bake some bread. Meanwhile, Foxy Loxy is lurking nearby Young MacDonald’s Free-Range Poultry Farm, hoping to snatch some hot wings, while a smorgasbord of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys stick their necks out laying plans to see the queen.

POULTRY IN MOTION is an “egg-ceptional” 35-minute, over-easy comedy that promises to feed performers and audiences of all ages flocks of fun to gobble up.

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Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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