Saints for the Seasons

June 6, 2017

Saints for the Seasons

(Four, 20-minute monologues for church or theatrical use)

SaintsPut the “holy” back in several popular but misunderstood “holidays.”

Four great Christians with famous names but less familiar legacies step out of history to share the inspiring, often funny, and historically accurate stories of their lives of heroic faith, sacrifice and service in the name of Jesus.

Nicholas of Myra (December 6) — Popularly referred to as Saint Nick, this early 4th century champion of biblical orthodoxy and prodigal generosity sets the record straight on how different he is from “the other guy”.

Valentine of Rome (February 14) — A defender of Christian marriage and sacrificial love, Valentine gladly faces martyrdom during the Roman persecution of the early church by Emperor Claudius “the Cruel” Gothicus.

Patrick of Ireland (March 17) — An immature teenager becomes a slave, escapes captivity, learns to love his enemies, and answers God’s call to return to the dreaded Emerald Isle. He dedicates his new life to preaching the Good News, engages in spiritual warfare, baptizes tens of thousands, and plants hundreds of churches.

Francis of Assisi (October 4) – Nature lover and friend to animals, Francis abandons wealth, comfort and worldly glory for a life of holy poverty, simplicity, brotherhood, and evangelism, inadvertently creating the religious order of Franciscans and inventing the Nativity play.

SAINTS FOR THE SEASONS will foster a deeper understanding of the Christian role models behind four oft-neglected or misunderstood holidays while entertaining and edifying the people of your church. For inspiration, humor, biblical truths, and encouragement in the faith, mark your calendars and celebrate these Saints for the Seasons.

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  • Rhonda Wray October 3, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    This is wonderful! I was just talking about your St. Patrick monologue the other day with someone who had just returned from a trip to Ireland. I appreciate your efforts, Patrick.

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