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My new book launches Feb. 15!

The Scenebook of Values and Virtues by Patrick Rainville Dorn launches Feb. 15.

Last year, my longtime publisher Pioneer Drama Service invited me to write a collection of scenes and sketches related to developing virtues and values for teens through young adults. We workshopped the 24 short plays at Colorado ACTS, and now, IT’S A BOOK!

The Scenebook of Values and Virtues launches Feb. 15. You can read the description and pre-order the book on Amazon if you CLICK HERE. Or, after Feb. 15, 2018, you’ll be able to order a copy from Pioneer Drama Service.

This was an immensely satisfying project. Special thanks to editor supreme Karen, also Steve, Debra, and Cindy. I think we can all be proud of this project.

The Scenebook of Values and Virtues ($18.95)

By Patrick Rainville Dorn

This entertaining collection of 24 character-driven scenes will guide teens to make positive choices in their lives while developing their acting skills. Each selection presents a realistic scenario that explores multiple character-building values, such as acceptance, compassion, fairness, forgiveness, generosity, gratitude, honesty, loyalty, perseverance, and self-discipline. Each scene is then followed by student-tested discussion questions that can spark conversation about values, personal responsibility, and relationships. Delve into a diverse assortment of thoughtful topics presented in an engaging, lighthearted fashion. Scenes range from 5 to 10 minutes in length with cast sizes of 2 to 7. Use this book in any group setting to encourage meaningful, values-based dialogue. There s no other scenebook like this to help your students develop their own moral compass.

‘Heaven Sent’ to play in Dublin. Still-living author (me) to attend!

Clontarf Players in Dublin are performing my full-length religious comedy “Heaven Sent” in March. Looks like I’m going to Ireland! I’ll be there from St. Patrick’s Day to Palm Sunday, with my son Jacob Dorn and daughter-in-law Alexis Dorn. A dream come true.

Heaven Sent (Tobit)

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— The Book of Tobit is the most free-wheeling, fun-loving, supernatural fantasy adventure and romantic comedy in the entire Apocrypha!

As an answer to prayer, the angel Raphael helps a hopelessly naive lad fight a demon, marry a damsel in distress, and heal a father’s blindness. Found in many Bibles, Tobit is one of the greatest literary hits from the period between the Old and New Testaments. Surprisingly true to the original, Heaven Sent is filled with contemporary sensibilities, clever dialogue, sight gags, and slapstick humor.

Heaven Sent is an easy-to-stage full-length comedy that has a simple set, easy costumes, and delightful roles for four men and three women, plus an active comic ensemble. If your church or drama ministry is ready to step up to the next level, Heaven Sent will get you there, and provide an entertaining, edifying, theatrical experience for your audiences.

CLICK HERE to purchase a reading copy of Heaven Sent today! Also available on Amazon-Kindle.



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Re-branding a play

Last year I wrote a full-length contemporary high school comedy paralleling the comical/woeful adventures of Cervantes’ well-meaning but bumbling knight-errant Don Quixote. My working title was “Donna Quixote,” and the play was set at La Mancha Mall during a cosplay convention. The cast featured a quirky female protagonist and lots of fun supporting characters, from a catgirl to a Viking barbarian.

When I workshopped the play, I learned that not only had most high school students never heard of Don Quixote, they couldn’t even pronounce his name. I brainstormed other possible titles with the editors at Pioneer Drama Service, the company publishing the play.

We came up with “The Cosplay Con Quest,” a pun to tie together the popularity of gatherings of costumed characters with a hint at the adventure angle.

The script’s sales were, put delicately, disappointing.

So now we’ve rebranded the show as “Girl of La Mancha,” hoping that high school drama students might at least have heard of the musical “Man of La Mancha,” and order a script just to see what it’s all about.

Same show, new brand. Maybe this very funny, easy to cast and produce play will find its market. And I sure hope that’s no impossible dream.

Girl of La Mancha

(The Cosplay Con Quest)

Geek out with this exciting contemporary adventure, very loosely adapted from Cervantes’ Don Quixote.  There’s nothing quite like this show for your drama students — it’s loaded with pop culture and comic book and gamer fandom.  La Mancha Mall is overrun by costumed teenagers at the annual Cosplay Con.  But when a clumsy gamer bumps her head and assumes the character of Donna Quixote, the event takes on a whole new, hilarious twist.  Donna’s farcical, mixed-up adventures include obtaining “armor” from a sporting goods store, tilting a windmill at Harry Putter’s Magical Mini-Golf, enraging the wizard Gandaldore, having mock battles with pool noodles, and mistaking the food court busboy Alonzo for a magnificent nobleman.  Meanwhile, all-too-normal Simon Carrasco makes a bet with the Goth girl, Darkness, that he can restore Donna to mundane reality.  Loaded with laughs, the play also promotes heartfelt messages about idealism and acceptance of others.  Students and audiences alike will cheer the misguided, madcap adventures of Donna Quixote!

CLICK HERE to purchase a reading copy GIRL OF LA MANCHA. Published by Pioneer Drama Service.